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My setup was to get out on the first outing using what I had lying around without having to buy too much stuff. Having invested in the Apidura seatbag and handlebar bag I wanted to get out there and start making changes based on experiences out in nature. Due to space concerns I had to take a back pack so you can see what I was basically carrying on me and not on the bike below


Person (7.8 kg)

  • Backpack 1240g
  • Bladder 215g (Filled 2000-3000g)
  • Helmet 312g
  • Shoes 850g
  • Gloves 38g
  • Bib 154g
  • Vest 107g
  • Jersey 148g
  • Long Top 273g
  • Socks 41g x2
  • Leg Warmers 130g
  • Leatherman 193g
  • Gas Pump 51g
  • Gas 58g x2
  • Sparetube 388g
  • Worms 60g
  • Tire Lever 21g
  • Pump 96g
  • Zip Ties 5g
  • Multitool 117g
  • Duct tape 27g
  • Chain Breaker 77g
  • Headlight 87g



Handlebar (1.6 kg)

  • Jacket 500g
  • Stove Gas 300g
  • Stove 108g
  • Pot 490g
  • Battery 263g

Seatbag  (3.9 kg)

  • Tent 1675g
  • Sleeping bag 767g
  • Sleeping pad 358g
  • T-Shirt 129g
  • Long Top 156g
  • Wool Socks 100g x2
  • Boxers 76g
  • Pants 359g
  • Gloves 41g
  • Beanie 59g
  • Toothbrush 18g
  • Deodrant 30g

20171214_211228-02.jpegBike (3.2 kg)

  • Bottles 1l 105g x2
  • Water 2000g
  • Tent Poles 963g

So as you can see this is not lightweight setup at all but rather just getting out there. I’ve already highlighted a few things that I will definitely start taking weight off. The sleeping setup is my first concern and also obviously stuff that I took that wasn’t really needed, such as a the leatherman and extra un-used clothing. The jacket could really get slimmed down.

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